Oquist Family Chiropractic is located at 109 W Lee Ave Suite 1 in the Village Center. The office phone number is (719) 336-6800. Oquist Family Chiropractic has been in operation since December 2007. The practice’s focus is set primarily on spine related injuries, sports injuries and whole family wellness guidance. Spinal heath is achieved in our office by manually or mechanically adjusting the spinal segments to free the body of any nerve related irritation or biomechanical joint dysfunction. As mentioned above, we offer multiple chiropractic techniques including Diversified and Thompson techniques, both manual adjusting options, and the pro adjuster method, which is a more specific and gentle approach to chiropractic care. We also offer cold laser therapy which can allow for faster soft tissue healing in cases of acute injuries. Nutritional counseling and at home exercises are also given to help our patients get back on a better path to good health.

The team at Oquist Family Chiropractic consists of two Lamar residents; Cathy Mathews (office manager and chiropractic assistant) and Jessica Mulaney (billing specialist). Cathy is married to Orie Mathews and together they manage Lucky’s BBQ and Catering. The best ribs in the world according to Dr. Oquist. When Cathy isn’t at the office she is either cooking with Orie or spending time with her family. Jessica was born and raised here in Lamar and has been with our office since 2011. Jess has a beautiful daughter named Lina who she spends most of her time with.

Dr. Oquist is also a southeastern Colorado native, growing up 60 miles to the west in La Junta. Dr. Oquist knew at a young age that he wanted to get into a field that he would be able to help people. He found an interest in Chiropractic early on due to sports injuries he had suffered from in high school. Dr. Oquist attended Otero Junior College where he started his educational endeavors. He also played baseball here for two years and continued to see his Chiropractor regularly to maintain good health and prevent injuries. After junior college he moved to Dallas, TX where studies continued at Parker University. Here he received a bachelor’s degree of science with an emphasis on health and wellness and his doctorate of Chiropractic. A yearlong internship was completed in Dallas at a large outpatient clinic. It was at this time that Dr. Oquist and his soon to be wife, JaLynn of Eads, decided to move back home to be close to friends and family, start a chiropractic practice and soon after start their own family. Dr. Oquist and his wife, JaLynn, have an enthusiastic little girl named Myla. Jalynn works as a 2nd grade teacher in Mc Clave.

“Lamar has been a blessing to me and my family. We have been able to build a successful practice and have been able to help many individuals and their families. This community is full of wonderful heartfelt people and I am proud to call Lamar my home. I look forward to providing this community with chiropractic care and wellness guidance for many years to come.” Sean Oquist D.C.